Explorer Kit


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The Explorer Robotics kit is a versatile platform to help you understand the
fundamentals of robotics & electronics. The kit aims to solve the most commonly
faced problems while dealing with microcontrollers and allows you to focus on
the important parts of your project.
Using the components in this kit, you will be able to make various beginner as well
as advance level projects such as Line follower, Obstacle Avoider, Line Maze
Solver, Light Bug, etc.
You may further use the kit as a base to connect other components and interface
it easily with your projects.


1. Explorer Board– Arduino compatible microcontroller board with integrated motor controllers, RGB LED, and breadboard.
2. Power Supply Module– To be used with 18650 Li-Ion batteries with onboard charge and usage switches.
3. Two Li-Ion Batteries– Use along with the power supply module to power up your projects
4. Acrylic Chassis– Consists of two layers for mounting the electronics and serves as the chassis of the robot. Also contains 4 nylon spacers for connecting the top and bottom layers.
5. Micro Metal gear motors– Two high quality motors used for robot mobility.
6. Line Following Array– Line following sensor consisting of 5 individual
sensors to help in projects such as line following.
7. Wheels & Tyres– Plastic wheels with silicone tyres for great traction.
8. Ultrasonic Sensor– Adds distance sensing capability to your project.

9. Electronics learning starter pack– Also included in the kit are

  •  LEDs
  •  Resistors
  • Buzzer
  •  LDR
  • Pushbutton
  • Wires


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