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It is with great excitement that we are sharing our new DIYGoodY Kit with you! Inside, you’ll find kit designed to immerse students in STEM/STEAM principles and connect their learnings to the real world. Our programs are designed to promote the 21st century skills, creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking while encouraging students to learn through discovery and hands-on.

Our Various School Levels

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[3 to 5 Years]
Reverse engineer Story Telling through DIY-Robo, Nervous system, Anatomy Charaterization, opinions, Mood, reasoning, Sounds, speech patterns, Dialogue, point of view...many more science projects


[6 to 8 Years]
Technician- Build and fix. to learn- fire safety, Gravitational Acceleration, Predicting future, Energy and work, Light detection, Assemble the circuit - familiar yourself with electronic and physics, Puzzles... many more science projects

Higher Primary

[9 to 10 Years]
Electrical, Build to learn visual sensing and conveyor systems, Designing Boat, Wind turbine, game design/making, Do the robot- familiar yourself with diffident Robotics, face-off, Object Recognition, many more science projects


[11 to 12 Years]
Mechanical Buid car- an autonomous car run on a circular track by calculating circumference, sine graph, maze solving problems, Sounds, Event & Touch sensor, field trips expeditions (VR), and Math... many more science projects


[13 to 15 Years]
Computer Voice speech(IOT) and Speed, Programming Logic, Building advanced Robots, Drone science, Automated assembly and manufacturing and Math... many more science projects

Senior High

[15 to 18 Years]
Expert in engineering design, robotics-Programming, advance Drone and learn through VR(biology), AI, Math ... many more science projects

Drone Kit

- Introduction to Drone Science
- Introduction to Programming
- Problem Solving & Critical Thinking

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We are committed to providing educators and students alike tools that truly bring learning to life, that energize teaching and learning STEM experiences by tapping into student’s natural enthusiasm about electronics, mechanical and computer through making projects. We are helping to change the world by creating programs that make technology smart and useful in the classroom and as hobby for children at home.

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DIYGoodY box is a revolutionary teaching-aid demonstrating math and science’s core concepts using electrical, mechanical and computer – [mechatronics- robots]. Our DIYGoodY box moves abstract mathematical and science concepts away from the white board and transforms them into real life demonstrations. The focus with 10 major areas of improvement is here! Bring STEM and Coding to life with the DIYGoodY. Hands-on learning platform to teach core subjects through [do it and learn]:.


To accelerate the technological accessibility for all age group


Revolutionizing education by blending technology and STEAM to learn while having fun

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