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The Explorer Board is a custom Arduino compatible microcontroller board. The
onboard microcontroller is the ATMega328P which is the same as the one found
on commonly used Arduino Boards.
The board has integrated motor drivers to help power two motors independently.
Motors can be connected using the two screw terminals.
It also has an on-board RGB LED which can be controlled via programming. Both
the motors as well as the RGB LED can be disabled using the on-board DIP switch
The board can be powered up using the Power IN terminal.


1. Arduino Compatible– Custom Arduino compatible microcontroller board
based on ATMega328P with Arduino Nano Bootloader.
2. Optimum power management– Supports input power supply up to 12V
with separate power and signal lines to help give you uninterrupted power
for your projects.
3. Integrated Motor Drivers– Control two DC Motors using the integrated
motor drivers with individual speed and direction controls.
Supports DC Motors up to 12V / 2A per channel with speed control through
4. Integrated RGB Led– Add great looking visual feedback to your projects with
an integrated RGB Led
5. Integrated breadboard– Connect your own components easily without the
need for a separate breadboard.


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